You have spent countless hours researching every aspect of your wedding because you know it is your special day and everything needs to be perfect. When that day comes you will have feelings of stress and anxiety mixed with emotions of joy and excitement that come so naturally when starting a new chapter in your life. Be present in the moments of that day while I capture and document them for you to reflect on as the years go by.

When you look back on your photos you want to see the details - the shoes, the rings, the dress, the flowers. You will want to recall the struggle with buttoning your dress your mom or your sister helped you put on. Walking down the aisle with your father, the kiss at the alter, mom crying in the pew, and the huge smiles of all of your bridesmaids, friends, and family - all happy for you on your magical day. When you look at your photo album 20 years from now, all those memories will come back.

My approach to photographing weddings is to dissapear; figuratively of course. I am not there because the day is all about the bond you are entering and celebrating with your spouse and your guests. Will there be posed group shots? Of course. But there is no better way to capture candid moments than by stepping back and letting the day unfold without my intervention.

They say photos are worth a thousand words. My portfolio is just a few dozen small excerpts from the many novels I've written. Read up on how satisfied my past clients are with their experience!

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