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General FAQ

Yes. A deposit shows me you are a serious client and respect my time as I respect yours. Please use the contact page to inquire about pricing & availability and we'll go over all the details.

Cancellations for any session or event other than weddings, which are sent in writing at least two weeks before your session or event date are refunded in full. Cancellations occuring two weeks or closer to your scheduled date forfeit the 50% deposit that was collected. If you booked your session or event less than two week before it is to take place, the deposit is non-refundable.

Sometimes life happens and you need to reschedule. I'm human too - I get it! I allow one time rescheduling with no penalty. If you need to reschedule your session again, half of your 50% deposit (or 25% of your total balance) is forfeited as a rescheduling fee and an additional 25% of the total balance will need to be resent before I can confirm a new date for you. If an additional 25% is not sent, your second rescheduling request will be seen as a cancellation and thus the entire 50% deposit will be forfeited.

*Poor weather rescheduling exception: For headshot/portrait and engagement sessions scheduled to take place outdoors, there is no limit to the amount of times we can reschedule for reasons of poor weather. Sometimes we get unlucky with rain or other weather factors outside of our control. We will refer to the weather forecast no earlier than 24 hours before our scheduled session as forecasts can change significantly by the hour leading up to our scheduled session date. On that note, I have no issue shooting outdoors in the rain as my equipment can handle if you're the adventurous type and want some unique photos in the rain we can make it happen!

Wedding cancellations/rescheduling
Cancellation and rescheduling policies for weddings will be outlined in your wedding contract.
They say you should only do what you do best, so unfortunately no I do not. Videography is a completely different animal and I most definitely cannot juggle taking photographs while filming your wedding or other event. Video requires additional hardware for capturing clean audio, constant lighting, special tripods with fluid-heads, and other camera stabilizers as well as a completely different editing workflow.

Feel free to contact me about any professional videographers I can refer and I would be happy to do so.

Headshot Sessions

Rates vary depending on the session type and length as well as the amount of images you would like retouched. For the most up to date pricing, please refer to the contact page as my rates may have changed.
You can expect to review about 80 proofs from a typical session. One extensive retouch is included in your session fee with the option to purchase additional photos.

Quality is more important than quantity. There is no reason to fire off 50 identical shots in a span of 30 seconds. My approach is calm and patient during the session. If I do not think a shot will work, if you're not positioned right, or any other factors are off...I will not take the photo without first fixing the issue. There is no reason to take a photo if I know it will be discarded before I take it.
I hear this from literally every single one of my clients. Relax. You're in great hands! I will guide you through everything from positioning your body, hand placement, where to look, chin up, chin down, and so on. Read through my testimonials to see how many clients were scared or nervous before their session and how quickly they overcame that fear!
From experience I recommend sticking to simple solid colored shirts, sweaters, or dresses. Loud patterns and designs tend to distract away from what should be the main focus of your headshot - you! Think of where these photos will be used. If they're going up on LinkedIn perhaps consider a blazer, if you're an actor wear a color that makes your eyes pop on those 8x10's you'll be handing out to casting directors.

One more thing to note - wear comfortable shoes! We're taking headshots, not full body portraits. Leave the heels at home ladies!
Unlimited! I never understood why other photographers limit the amount of outfit changes you're allowed. Bring as many outfits as you reasonably think you will have time to change into during your session which will depend on the length of time of your session. This will give you much more variety to choose from later on!
I certainly do! Bring a friend and I'll knock off 25% both of your sessions if we shoot both of you back to back!
After the session, the work is not over for me. After I load the photos to my computer I need to cull them down to the ones that are useable (photos where you blinked or might look unflattering in are discarded). Following the culling process I edit each photo - making adjustments to the color, contrast, exposure, and other global corrections.

The edited proofs are sent over to you from which you select your favorite. Once you let me know your selection, I go back into Photoshop and extensively retouch your chosen headshot. This retouching process is much more detailed. I carefully remove any skin blemishes, stray hairs, apply skin tone corrections, and other adjustments to remove distractions.
The typical wait time is 2-5 days to receive your proofs and an additional 2-3 days to receive your retouched selection once you have told me which one is your favorite. Depending on my current workload, 24-hour express turnaround may be available at an additional fee.
Both options are available depending on your preference. A portable studio can also be set up at a location of your choice such as your home or office for an additional fee.
Yes I would love to! Professional makeup makes a big difference and I highly recommend letting one of my very talented and experienced artists take care of you to make sure you look (and feel!) your best on headshot day.
Absolutely! I am a full service photographer.

Engagement Sessions

For the most up to date pricing, please refer to the contact page as my rates may have changed.
To put it most simply, an engagement session is a portrait session of you and your soon to be spouse where we capture the essence of your relationship. The photographs we create will preserve the memories of the love between you now and allow you to reflect back on them years from today. While albums are most popular, many couples also choose to use their favorite photos on their "Save the Date" cards or on social media when making the official announcment that you're engaged. The photos typically have a very fun and romantic theme to them, but some couples choose to mix things up with a theme like dressing up as superheros on the streets of NYC or incorporating some other fun props. The key is to have fun and capture as many smiles as we can!
The process of every engagement session is split into several stages.

  • Pre-consultation/Planning
  • Taking the photographs
  • Reveal/Ordering Session
  • Receiving and enjoying your photos!

Your session fee covers the cost of planning, photographing, and editing your session. Afterwards you are presented with all the options available to enjoy your photographs. Most popular choices among clients are albums or wall art such as canvases, metal prints, or mounted prints ready for framing. You may also opt to purchase digital files. There are no order minimums and you only purchase what you really love!
Most commonly engagement sessions last one to two hours and takes place at a location you decide on (but I can help with that!). Many couples come to me knowing they want to capture some beautiful moments between them but they don't really have any specific ideas...and that's ok! There is nothing better than letting a session naturally unfold which allows me to capture those beautiful candid moments.

Once we meet at the chosen location I will guide you to specific spots to stand in and tell you how to generally position yourselves. While I am not crazy about cookie-cutter poses, they are a great starting point and only a general guideline. I step back, take a few shots and then let the two of you interact with one another to bring out natural smiles and relaxed body language. These are (major) keys to capturing great photos and having the ability to elate candid moments and natural expressions comes from years of experience working with people.
NYC is absolutely full of amazing locations and I have photographed couples in nearly all of them. Enter your email at the top of this page and you will immediately receive a link to an interactive map with my favorite and most recommended locations throughout NYC that are perfect for your engagement session.

I also recommend thinking back to locations that might be meaningful to you as a couple. Was your first date at a Starbucks? Let's start with coffee. Did you say yes on Bow Bridge in Central Park? Let's rent a rowboat. Did you meet at the dog park? Bring your dogs! Get creative!
Whenever possible, I urge my clients to schedule their session so that we end up finishing right around sunset. This time of day gives the most pleasant quality of light and is referred to by photographers as "golden hour". If we need to shoot at noon when the sun is bright and shadows are harsh we will be limited to certain areas of our location to prevent uneven lighting and squinty eyes.

The best weather for outdoor photos is overcast or warm and sunny with some nice big clouds in the sky. Clouds give us cover from the direct sunlight and evenly disperse the light.
Absolutely! I have photographed several surprise proposals and they are very fun. Typically we go over all of the details over the phone or email, meet up early at the pre-determined location, and then I act as a tourist with a camera while you go down on one knee. You can expect multiple angles, wide shots, close-up shots, and everything in between. Most importantly we want to capture the moment itself as well as the details like your soon-to-be fiance's expression and the ring itself. Following the proposal we will use any remaining time for your engagement session to commemorate the beautiful time in your lives.

Guys: send her out for a manicure before the planned session since we'll be getting close ups of that big rock on her finger!
It is hard to predict an exact number, but you can expect about 80 images for every hour that we shoot. If you have chosen multiple locations that we will need to travel between this can be towards the lower end. If you bring lots of energy and have so much fun that we lose track of time it will be towards the higher end.

And yes, every photo I deliver will be edited in consistency with my style as displayed throughout my portfolio. An unedited image is an unfinished product, and that makes everyone look bad!
After your session we will discuss the best time and date to schedule your reveal and ordering session which is typically about a week later. Any prints, wall art, or albums that you order on that day should be at your door within the following 2-3 weeks. If you choose to purchase digital files they will be delivered within 48 hours via an online viewing gallery following your viewing appointment.
Short answer: Very likely

One of the main benefits of working together on a short 1-2 hour engagement session is the process of getting to know each other and building our client-photographer relationship. For couples interested in hiring me for their full-day wedding (8 hours or more) I am happy to deduct the full cost of your first engagement session hour from your wedding balance.

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